How does it sync with your CRM?

We have a module to create the existing fields in your CRM and thus achieve a perfect integration. You need to add the same fields on this area: Tools/Customer Fields.

  • Step 1: The first step is the initial loading of data by uploading a file in CSV format into our platform.
  • Step 2: Automatic synchronization: Once this first data load is done, every time there is a new user or data update in your CRM, an automatic synchronization will be carried out on our platform thus avoiding any erroneous duplication.

Why can´t I validate a Journey?

The Validate button is created to help you about the creation process. If when you click, a pop-up is open to say it is not possible to validate then something is wrong. Please check all steps to see if any field is empty.

Why can´t I find a filter?

To use any filter, first you need to create on Tools/Customer Fields. On this area, you can create the appropriate fields associated with your user as you have them on your CRM.