Go to Audiences / SMS/ Contacts

SMS Contacts

In the contact area, you can create, edit and delete contacts. When you create a contact, you need to write the country code, phone number and external code.

New Contact button

List of contacts

At the right area, there are two icons to download and upload your contacts easily.

  • You can upload all your contacts directly from a .CSV file (see example) clicking on the icon below. Remember you need to upload the country code and phone number fields as compulsory. You can add variable fields if you need them.

upload icon

  • You can download all your contacts to a .CSV file clicking on the icon below:

download icon

Contact Lists

Go to Audiences/SMS/Lists of contacts. In this area you can edit, delete and create lists.

Creating a list is very easy, only you need to click on the New button and write a name (topic) for your new list.


Once it is created, it appears on this area and then you can pulse on the 3 vertical points to upload the contacts by .CSV file (see example) to subscribe and unsubscribe:

contact management


SMS for Colombian audience

If you send SMS to colombian customers, please follow these instructions to avoid issues with the local phone service provider:

  • To send commercial communications: The .CSV file must be uploaded for an audience and then you can send the SMS from the console to this audience.
  • To send transactional communications (or portfolio management): The .CSV file must be uploaded directly to the campaign.