Go to Audiences / SMS/ Contacts

In the contact area, you can create, edit and delete contacts. When you create a contact, you need to write the country code, phone number and external code.

At the right area, there are two icons to download and upload your contacts easily.

  • You can upload all your contacts directly from a .CSV file clicking on the icon below:

  • You can download all your contacts to a .CSV file clicking on the icon below:

Contact Lists

Go to Audiences/SMS/Lists of contacts. In this area you can edit, delete and create lists.

Creating a list is very easy, only you need to click on the New button and write a name (topic) for your new list.

Once it is created, it appears on this area and then you can pulse on the 3 vertical points to upload the contacts by .CSV file (see example) to subscribe and unsubscribe: