indigitall helps you to create your Customer Journey answering to questions that are commonly known as the five W's and an H: What, Who, When, Where, Why, and How.

  • What: The message that you want to communicate with your audience to know better them and offer what they looking for.

  • Who: You should first clearly identify the segments of your audience and personalize the message for each user.

  • When: Choosing the righ moment is the best solution for delivering a message with a huge impact.

  • Where: Providing an appropriate channel for each message and user. indigitall is is the only solution in the world that includes all inbound and outbound digital channels integrated into a single platform for quick deployment and ease of use.

  • Why: Establishing and implementing the reasons to send a message to achieve your strategy objectives.

  • How: indigitall offers a customised configuration for each journey through our developments in Artificial Intelligence:

    Timing: Schedule messages immediately or after the configured time interval
    Cadence & Channel: Choosing the righ channel for each moment and user through the creation of cross-channel journeys.
    Content: Create the optimum content with the best words and adding multimedia elements.
    Targeting: Use segments and filters to identify better the needs of each user.
    Triggers: Analysing your visitors behaviour and their actions to triggger messages.


Create each journey though touchpoints to send messages depending on an event, different filters or profile´s characteres.


Building the Customer Journey

For the creation of the Customer Journey, indigitall offers practical management modules for the elaboration and sending of the messages. We want you to have a complete analysis of user behavior in a omnichannel environment (physical spaces, phone calls and digital interactions) so you can create a more effective and cost-effective strategy.

  • Filter: Choose profile characteristics of the user which are suitable for certain objectives.
  • Push Events: Taking decisions based on events (click on a push notification)
  • Random Paths: Set different journeys for a same objective in order to multiply the options according to different types of behavior or profiles.
  • Best Option (available soon)
  • Retargeting: Drive sales through the remembrance and incentives to buy after an abandoned cart. Multiply x25 the success of your campaigns!
  • Delay: Schedule your messages following your strategy or attending to past behaviors: immediately after the click or after a period of time to choose (hours/days/weeks/months/years).
  • Webhook: Personalize your messages based on events to communicate with the users immediately on their favorite channel.

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