About inApp/inWeb

Create dynamic and interactive spaces for each user!

Customize and automate the content and design of your website or app according to the profile, interest and behavior of each user by creating dynamic and interactive spaces.

inApp and inWeb spaces

  • Flexible Design: Customize your app/web structure and content based on user preferences and behavior.
  • Custom Content Automation: Present more relevant content through artificial intelligence and machine learning of your users’preferences and behavior: Topics / Geolocation / Device & Browser Type.
  • Delivery Method and Timing: Through inApp/inWeb communications you can assess various key metrics to decide on the run time of the message by evaluating: Clicks / Views / Seconds of website browsing.

Use Cases for Customized inApp/inWeb Messaging

inApp/inWeb communications are highly visible, highly engaging messages that can be sent to provide:

  • Customized content
  • Interactive communications
  • Compelling messages
  • Advertising