Creating a wallet



First, it is necessary to write a name for the wallet template.

In the right area, you can choose if the wallet will be available for Google (Android), Apple (iPhone) or both. In the left area, you can see both mobile previews to check how it works.

Front Wallet

The content is divided for Front and Back:


You need to fill these fields:

  • Type: Choosing Passwallet (without selecting a date) and Coupon (adding the expiry date to validate the coupon).
  • Title: Writing the text for the title.
  • Logo: Header graphic for iOS (the minimum dimensions are 160 x 50 px.)
  • Icon: Header graphic for Android (the minimum dimensions are 660 x 660 px.)
  • Image: Graphic for the body of the pass (the minimum dimensions are 1125 x 432px.)
  • Code: The number of code for the customer
  • Colors: Choose the font and background colors using the color bar or writing the parameters or HEX code.

If you have created a Coupon, you need also to fill:

  • Validity: The expiry date to validate the coupon.

Front details


In the back area, you need to write the following fields:

  • Description: Write a description for your wallet.
  • URLs: Write the links for your wallet
  • Locations: You can choose a location or several points for special campaigns when the user devices are in these areas. You can also write a relevant text for the users as an option for this case.
  • RelevantDate: Select a date if you want to activate any passwallet or coupon for a specific date.

Back details

Define your audience

You can select the same URLs for all users -clicking on All.


If you prefer specific link for each user, then you need to upload a .CSV file (see example) with your contacts adding externalId and all fields you need.

[email protected],Tom
[email protected],Sarah

In the example above we have written two fields, the unique identifier -externalId- and the Name field because we want to use it for our communications . Once you have clicked on Generate Pass, you can download a file (see example as a result) with the different links for the app: Download Cards.

In this .CSV file, we can see 3 columns: externalId (unique identifier), Google Pay / Apple Wallet (URL), Pass Wallet (URL).

externalId,Google Pay / Apple Wallet,Pass Wallet
[email protected],https://xxxx, https://xxxx
[email protected],https://xxx,https://xxx_

Download Cards

Notification Text & Access your Pass

Remember that in the Existing wallet template area you can send notifications very quickly for each wallet clicking on the bell icon. To see the wallet URLs, you need to click on the QR code icon.

Wallet Push