Mobile Wallet

Send push communications that will be automatically saved in your user’s wallet that can be updated when needed, in a matter of minutes and without prior integration.

How it works

  1. Scan the QR Code: A user scans a QR code from your physical store or from your communications to upload tha card to the wallet.
  2. Add card to wallet: The user presses the add button to include the card in his wallet.
  3. Ready to use: Send your newest offers with push notifications and save them automatically in your user’s wallets.

Use Cases

  • Digital Tickets & QR Codes: Very useful for your customers to keep them on their mobile devices.
  • Card Loyalty: Total access to your discounts, promotions and offers. Including to capture your audience in the point of sale.
  • Process Updating: Updated information on processes, such as online purchases, incidents, etc.