Data Synchronization

indigitall has an API to facilitate the integration between your CRM and our indigitall service. The API integration must be done by IT staff in a very simple way following our Developer Guide. All transmitted and stored data is encrypted by indigitall complying with current regulations for each region -no data is transferred outside the region-, including GDPR for the European market.

If you want to create omnichannel strategies through Customer Journey then you need to combine the chosen channels with a unique identifier (customerId) as this example shows. You need to transfer the data through the API.

  • customerId: A unique identifier for each user
  • fieldName: The field that you need to add on the customer field area
  • fieldValue: The corresponding value for each customer field

Before using the Customer Journey solution, if you have used any of our solutions separately then you are familiar with the need to choose an unique identifier. For example, the deviceId for push notifications and the externalId _or _externalCode for other services such as email.

To work with the Customer Journey, our solution for an omnichannel strategy, you must choose a unique identifier and call it: customerId. It is the same concept - unique identifier- but with different names.

  • Next Release!

In addition, the Customer Journey will give the option to update manually the customerId with a .CSV file. Quick and easy! The new version will be available very soon.

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