Smart Assistant

Tips from Artificial Intelligence

indigitall implements the Smart Assistant for campaigns to facilitate the creation of more efficient web/app push campaigns. Our Artificial Intelligence predicts performance based on data from more than 100,000 campaigns to predict what the expected impact of your new campaign is and gives you advice on how to optimize it to improve results.

Probability of success

The Smart Assistant consists of two elements:

  • The score. Number from 0 to 5 to indicate the prediction of the effectiveness of the campaign. To calculate this score, the Smart Assistant takes into account the quality of the campaign (personalization, filters ...) and the prediction of the percentile of the opening ratio of the current campaign compared with the history of campaigns sent.

Smart Assistant

  • The recommender. By clicking on the available link, you will get a recommendation to optimize the campaign.


Both elements are based on the data we get from your previous campaigns. The scoring algorithm takes into account several factors such as word choice, use of images and filters, personalization of texts and other elements to predict the probability of success of a notification.

If you're a new customer, the Smart Assistant will use what it knows from the history of all customers until it has enough information about the outcome of your own campaigns. Our Smart Assistant is constantly learning and analyzing thousands of push campaigns. Keep in mind that scores are based on actual results from real campaigns, not supposed 'best' practices or old case studies.