indigitall offers an app for Shopify platform for the delivery of push notifications from your online store. It is very easy to install and use. Watch this video to learn how to install our app:

Go to Shopify platform, then you need to search our app.

You have two options to find our app.


  1. First, write indigitall at the searcher at the top central area and choose below the link App Store.

Then you will enter and the shopify app store and you are ready to click on the indigitall app.

  1. Also you can search indigitall app clicking on + Add apps button from the principal menu at the left area.

Then a floating screen appears with some recommendations. If you don´t see indigitall app, then please click on the Shopify App Store. From here, you can search by "indigitall" as we explained for the first option.

Add app

Only you need to click on the green button: Add app.

Install app

In the next screen, click on Install app button.

Log into your account

Now you need to follow the next 4 steps. First, click on the Log in into your account button.

Then you write the email and password of your indigitall account and click on Login button.

Choose Project

Then choose the project that you have created on the indigitall platform. You need to choose only one project.

Activate extension

A new screen opens on your browser. You need to click on ON the indigitall app (at the left area) and then click on Save button (ate the top right area).

Once it is done, you can close this window and return to the screen with the 4 steps.


The last step! Now click on Finalize button.

indigitall app

Now you can enter into indigitall app and click on the location permission button.

  • Activate to start registering users and sending notifications (mandatory)
  • Activate to be able to segment your audience by location (optional)

Pin our app

To see always the indigitall app on the right menu, you need to pin it. For this, only you need to click on the pin icon at the righ of the name app. Also you can see a pin icon in the top right area of the screen.