The indigitall connector easily integrates with HubSpot platform. You can add the App Push and Web Push notifications into your strategy. Take advantage of indigitall´s innovation!


Go to Market icon and click on App Marketplace.


On the searcher, you can looking for indigitall.


Clicking on Manage apps button, you can see what connectors you have integrated. We can also send you a link to do the integration directly. Only it is necessary to click and to choose the account to integrate as the image below shows:


You can see and manage your tools from Market / Connected apps:

Connected Apps


Starting a workflow

To start a workflow, go to the top menu Workflows and click at the right on the Create workflow button. You can start from zero or use a template.


Then you can create a workflow as you do as usual choosing the different options and clicking on Next button, at the top right area. You can add our connector in any step of your workflow.


Set up triggers

From the menu Actions, selet what trigger type you prefer. This means what is the specific feature or behavior to send the push notification.

trigger type

For example, we have chosen Contact properties / City to send a push for people living in London.

Choose an action

Click on the indigitall tab - Push notification.


Campaign ID

Once you have clicked on indigitall Push, then you need to complete the following fields:

  • Campaign ID
  • Device ID Type
  • Device field

The campaign ID is the identifier for the push you want to use. Previously you have created and saved it on the indigitall console. Go to Campaigns>AppPush / WebPush and copy the ID of the selected campaign to use.

push campaign

Device ID Type

Now you can choose the type of Device ID between deviceId and externalCode. We recommend the use of externalCode for a quick and easy integration method (the integration will be more complicated if you choose deviceId).

The externalCode is the encrypted identifier that you have selected to identify each user. Go to the data synchronization page to learn more.

data synchronization

Device field

According to our selected trigger, we choose the device field that the system will take into account to send the push notifications. For example, as we have chosen the city as a trigger, we choose the field city to know what users are living in London.

Then you can click on Save button below.

device field

Review and publish

Once your workflow is completed, you can finish it clicking, at the top right area, on the Review and publish button. Remember that you can add the sending of push notifications at any step of your workflow.

Publish button

You can visit our Customer Journey area to discover the indigitall journeys using all digital channels from a single console. Don´t miss out!