indigitall versus Firebase

Basically the indigitall push is a more advanced type of Firebase push. Our pushes have the same features as pushes using FCM but with more benefits to use. Take advantage of indigitall innovation and get more impact with your push notifications.

indigitall versus Firebase

Strong Advantages of indigitall

CustomizationPersonalized messages NO
Multimedia- Images
- Animated .gifs
- Videos (iOS)
NO (Only Text)
Sending- Best Moment (AI)
- Geofencing
- WiFi
Artificial IntelligenceCreate push campaigns in seconds thanks to the
integration of ChatGPT to write into any language and different voice tones.
Supportindigitall has a 24/7 customer service department in Spanish and English and YouTube contents (training videos).NO (volunteer forums for support)
SlicingFor high volume of sendings, indigitall sends the messages in groups at reasonable time intervals to avoid the collapse. (For example, if all customers enter the web at the same time).NO
Automatic UTMsindigitall gives the option to add UTM to the links tracking the external sources and traffic of your website.NO
UseIt is easier and more intuitive (non technical staff)For technical staff
ImpactAn exact calculation about the selected devices for the pushAn approximate number of devices
Buttonsindigitall develops actions to choose for the buttons in a very easy way (open web, open app, telephone call, install app, sharing on social media, open wallet).Firebase has the option to add buttons but you need to programme the action.
Reportindigitall gives feedback by API in real time and option to download full reports using the consoleBasic KPIs: Sends, Received (only Android), Impressions (only Android) and Opens
PlatformsiOS, Android, Web and Flutter +
Cordova, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic& Capacitor, Titanium and Maui
iOS, Android, Web and Flutter
UpdatingSending notifications until the user unsubscribes. Churn Rate to build customer loyaltyFirebase recommends an update
frequency of once every two
A/B TestIntelligent A/B Test (more accurate !)Classic A/B Test
UploadingThe multimedia elements are uploaded in the indigitall serviceFirebase takes images from
URLs (less speed for uploading)
SegmentationMore filters (location, device type, browser, WiFi) and segmentation by topics more flexible (and _or
Only segmentation by topic

Same Benefits

Push Delivery: indigitall uses Firebase in a first step so our deliverability is performing same or better than FCM.
Delivery Report: indigitall gives feedback by API in real time and with the option to download reports using the console.
Preview: Firebase gives pre-visualization for Android and iOS as well as indigitall offers preview screen for all platforms.