App Push and Web Push notifications allow you to provide an immediate and scheduled communications service by profile, geographical position and behavior.

Use Cases

  • Welcome Message: Write a notification to welcome each new user and create a pleasant experience of belonging to a community with advantages.
  • Offers and news: Explain the news of your products and services, communicate the promotions and discounts.
  • Alerts: Your most loyal customers are looking forward to receiving frequent alerts (new schedules, brand news...).
  • Event notifications: Clearly inform by notifications about the status of your order or the contracted service (order received, delivery in progress, invoice sent, delay in delivery...). Transparency, simplicity and process security are essential for customers.
  • Retargeting: Recover abandoned carts through automatic notifications to solve possible doubts and encourage them to continue the purchase when the process has not been completed. You will increase your sales by up to 10%!
  • Conversation: Talk to your users about their various interests, offering them quality content. Don’t just send exclusive messages to sell but also to add value and create dialogue. With this you will be able to draw links and get a better position of the brand.


indigitall helps you to associate the device with a user for all platforms. Discover all info on the data synchronization area.

indigitall has several SDKs to facilitate the integration between your CRM and our services:


Drive sales through the remembrance and incentives to buy after an abandoned cart. Multiply x25 the success of your campaigns! (Source: indigitall for Retail).

indigitall has developed an easy way to integrate your retargeting actions for all platforms using app push y web push notifications: