Push Statistics

You can access your statistics from the side menu of your indigitall console: Statistics > Push


You will find all the information about your campaigns and you can filter both by date and by category.
Notifications received by the platform - on which platform (web or app) the notifications and their number have been received.
Click through rate

  • the CTR (click through rate): the number of campaigns that have been clicked on the total number sent.
  • Sent: gross number of shipments without counting errors.
  • Received: number of campaigns that have been successfully received.

Notifications received per day - graph with data of notifications received and clicked per day. In case you choose one or two days you will have the detail per hour.

notifications per day

Download statistics - in the lower right side button you can download your statistics in .csv format.

  • By date
  • From 6 days ago
  • By campaign

download button

Delivery history

It is possible to see the statistics for each campaign. Only you need to click on the 3 horizontal lines icon on the right side.

delivery history

For each campaign of all channels, you can see:

  • Notifications received by platform
  • Click through rate (sent / received / % CTR)
  • Notifications received by day
  • Delivery history

Click through rate


delivery history