Data Synchronization

It is necessary the data is synchronized between your CRM and the indigitall service to achieve optimal management and analysis of data, in addition to avoid any erroneous duplication. This means that you must ask for your database contacts in your CRM to use them into indigitall console.

Mandatory field

The email account is a mandatory field so you can use it as a customer identifier. You can upload a .CSV with the email field (see example).

You can also use your own identifiers (for example, user ID) to create the list in .csv format. In this case, you must upload the .csv file with externalId as header (first line) and your identifiers in each of the other lines.
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


Customer Journey

If you want to create omnichannel strategies through Customer Journey then you need to combine the chosen channels with a unique identifier (customerId) as this example shows.


indigitall has an API to facilitate the integration between your CRM and our indigitall service. The API integration must be done by IT staff in a very simple way following our Developer Guide. All transmitted and stored data is encrypted by indigitall complying with current regulations for each region -no data is transferred outside the region-, including GDPR for the European market.

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