Audience - Proactive Campaigns

Adding an audience for the WhatsApp channel is very easy. You need to add the contacts to send your proactive campaigns.

1. Go to Audiences / Chat / Segments

Chat Audiences

2. You click on the New button and then a pop up appears to write the name and code for your future list.


3. When your audience list is created, you can see it on the page. You can edit and delete them. Moreover, if you click on the three vertical points (More options, at the right area), then you can subscribe and unsubscribe your contacts.

New Segment

4. Subscribe contacts: You need upload a .CSV file with your contacts following these fields:

contactId, channel

For the contactId, you need to upload the mobile phone of the user, including country code (for example, 34 for Spain, 44 for United Kingdom). For the channel field, you must write: whatsapp. Please, download this example.


5. When you have chosen your list, only it is necessary to click on the Upload button.


6. Unsubscribe contacts: To unsubscribe the contacts from your audience, you have to upload a .CSV file with the contacts to remove following the same fields (contactId, channel).