Optimize the user experiences, increase their satisfaction and get a bigger conversion rate.

Engage with the audience creating cross-channel journeys after specific events and automate your communications -immediate and scheduled- taking into account:

  • Physical spaces
  • Phone calls
  • Digital interactions (web, app, social media, WhatsApp...)


indigitall coin

You are lucky! indigitall is the only solution in the world that includes all inbound and outbound digital channels integrated into a single platform for quick integration and easy use.

Use Cases


Top Uses Cases in different stages

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The Customer Journey is unique for each organization and one of the pillars on which its business success is based. Even so, there are practical cases frequently used in most sectors and that are decisive to attract, communicate and retain users:

  • 1. Service registration
    Welcome the new user to have a feeling of exclusive belonging to a community with benefits and a commitment to transparency and guarantee with the processing of their data.

  • 2. Product purchase
    Inform the customer of each step of the purchase process (payment made, shipping, delivery, returns). Customer confidence is key to the realization of the purchase.

  • 3. Events
    Send messages to specific events taking into account physical spaces, phone calls and interactions through any incoming and outgoing digital channel.

  • 4. Calendar
    Dates are the driving force behind a large part of marketing actions, either for specific anniversaries (birthdays, holidays, etc.) or for established events (sales season, back to school, Christmas, etc.).

  • 5. Retargeting
    The recovery of abandoned carts is critical to increase purchases. Improve the communication at the weakest points of the process.

  • 6. Random Paths
    Establish different cross-channel journeys according to the different characteristics, interests and behavior of users.