Data from console

From the menu at left, click on Statistics > Chat.



On the top area, you can choose the time interval to see the data and you can filter by the actor and channel:

filter management

Filter by actors

  • Dialog Flow: Conversations answered by traditional bots
  • Agent: Conversations answered by agents
  • AI: Conversations answered by chatbots Gen AI (Generative Artificial Intelligence)
  • All: Conversations answered by traditional bots, agents and chatbots Gen AI

Filter by channels

  • WhatsApp
  • Web / App
  • All: All channels of the conversations

General stats

You can see the general stats at a glance. Marketing, utility, authentication, and service conversations last 24 hours unless closed by a newly opened free-entry point conversation. Free-entry point conversations last 72 hours.


Meta conversations

Please discover the types of conversations to use via WhatsApp. All information is here !

  • Total messages received in this period
  • Minutes of peak messages in UTC format: The minute when there is more messages
  • WhatsApp Reactive windows: Messages to answer a question/doubt of a user. They are also named as service conversations to resolve customer inquiries.
  • WhatsApp Proactive windows: Messages to communicate with the user within 24 hours from the initial contact.
  • WhatsApp Marketing windows: It is necessary a Meta template for promotional purposes.
  • WhatsApp Authentication windows: It is necessary a Meta template to authenticate users (passwords).
  • WhatsApp Utility windows: It is necessary a Meta template to explain information about product/service.

Visual Presentation

indigitall offers all information in a visual way with colors so it is very easy to see and analyze the data:

Visual presentation

Bot response statistics

In the below area, there is essential information about the bot conversations with data about language used in the conversation, number of messages and fallback (if there are responses to requests that the BOT does not understand).

bot conversation report


The analytics offer a visual presentation of the tags used per day. The tag is the categorization of the messages if the company needs the highest level of detail.

  • tagName: The name of the tag for that message
  • tagValue: The value of the tag for that message

Both fields are optional. A message with tagValue without tagName is not possible but the rest of options are fine.

If the tagValue takes the value of 'USER_RESPONSE', the value of the tag will be replaced by the user's next response (in text format only).


Download a full report

Of course, you can download a full report of the chosen time interval clicking on this icon (see below image):

download report icon