App/Website Content Customization for Customers: Create dynamic and interactive
spaces for each user!

Customize and automate the content and design of your app/website according to the profile, interest and behavior of each user by creating dynamic and interactive spaces.

Select messages for different profile groups and establish more relevant and direct communication:

  • More impact
  • More user satisfaction
  • More conversion

Use Cases

  • Customized content: Improve the user experience through more relevant messages according to their interests and behavior.
  • Interactive communications: Create interactive content, including customized recommendations for each user to drive real-time interaction, engagement and decision making. Get results!
  • Compelling messages: No limits or restrictions on the creativity and diversity of your messages – send customized content including pictures, videos, GIFs and HTML code.
  • Advertising: Establish customized promotions through banners, pop ups and other advertising spaces without overwhelming your users and audience. Monetize your space with non-invasive advertising.