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WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

indigitall has the recognition as a Meta Business Partner.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Enhance the world’s #1 CRM with new digital channels for higher conversion rates


The indigitall connector integrates the development of optimized AI communications through App, Web, Mobile Wallet, WhatsApp and SMS within the Customer Journey of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Optimize Salesforce Service Cloud with the integration of the indigitall Contact Center with all the digital channels and a chatbot with generative AI which develops conversations more human within a custom, controlled and safe context. The integration of indigitall Contact Center platform offers:

  • Direct link to user profile file to edit.
  • Immediate opening of the case (introduction of the whatsapp conversations).
  • Configurable form to save the data into the case.

Salesforce E-book | Contact Center E-book


Get omnichannel communication with Web push and App push services!

Add the Web push Web Push and App push services by indigitall to complete an omnichannel strategy and improve ROI from HubSpot platform.

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Shopify App

Create and send push notifications directly to your clients at the best moment. Our app is amazing to reduce abandoned shopping carts, get new leads and build customer loyalty. Develop retargeting actions following 4 simple steps.

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WordPress Plugin

Two solutions in one plugin: You can install our free plugin from your WordPress Dashboard to configure WhatsApp Chat and/or Web Push Notification services.

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Google Analytics

indigitall offers you the option to track your campaigns through Google Analytics adding parameters into your notifications.

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Adobe Analytics

indigitall offers the option to track your campaigns through Adobe Analytics adding parameters into your notifications.

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