Managing a wallet



Go to Campaigns/Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Wallet menu

On the top area, you can see the existing wallet templates grouped by Google and iOS.

Moreover you can find any template using the searcher by name and category, filtering by Enabled and Disabled and ordering by Data Ascending, Data Descending, Name A-Z and Name Z-A.

wallet template

When you want to add a new template, you must click on the green button: New Wallet Template. In each template, there are three icons help you.

  • Bell icon: Clicking the bell icon, a screen to write a notification (text option) appears. With this option, you can create all notifications for your users in a quick way. The notifications will be received from the users who installed the wallet.

Notification text

  • QR Code icon: Click on QR Code icon to copy the URL to download the Wallet. You need to send this URL to the users so they can install your wallet.

QR Codes

  • Bin icon: Click on bin icon to delete a template.

Bin icon