Creating a communication

Go to Campaigns > inApp/inWeb


To create a New Campaign, you need to pulse on the button New Campaign inApp/inWeb.

new campaign

After clicking the New Campaign button, the area to create the notification appears on the screen with these fields:

  • Campaign Name - it is visible only for you
  • Schema inApp/inWeb - Choosing one previously created in this section
  • Background Color - Choosing the background color for your space
  • App / Web - At the right area, you can click choosing Web (inWeb) and App (inApp) and then select from the drop-down menu Android, iOS or both and Web.



On the Campaign tab, we have these elements:

In the content area, you see first row types (the structure of design) with 5 options. Then you see the content types to choose what introduce on every row: html code, text, image, button, carousel (slideshow of images to move using directional arrows) and form. With any of these possibilities you can edit several options to make a fabulous inApp/inWeb.


Row Types

You click on one of the 5 row types, then drag and drop on the inApp/inWeb area to design it. You can use this estructure of rows:

  • 1 column (100%)
  • 2 columns (50% - 50%)
  • 2 columns (25% - 75%)
  • 2 columns (75% - 25%)
  • Write the number of columns you need.

Content Types

You click on one of the 6 content types, then drag and drop on the row/column to design your customized space. Each element has several options to select paddings, margins, borders, background colour, position, border button, padding button and background color button.

  • HTML code
  • Text
  • Image
  • Button
  • Carousel: Upload a maximum of 10 images
  • Form: You can choose these options:

input type

  • TextInput: Space for the user to write
  • Select: Selection of options to choose by the user
  • Radius: Selection of two options (left and right) to click (only one)
  • Checkbox: Selection of some options to check (one or several of them)

For all options, you have the possibility to create it as a compulsory field and you can also create a customer journey with the information received to start your communication plan.

  • Check this box to indicate that it is a required field
  • Send to customer journey



Segmenting your audience, you will improve the campaign results. indigitall offers these filters to send the best message for each user.

  • Topics: Choosing devices suscribed to and/or devices not subscribed to.
  • Geographical filters: Choosing the area previously created in this section.
  • Device Type: Choosing between mobile phone, tablet or desktop and choosing the browsers (Safari, Opera, Edge, Firefox and Chrome).


Visibility Configuration

Your message can dissapear after a selected number of clicks, viewings and seconds so you have the total control. Moreover you can choose the delivery and expiration dates.

  • Hide after X clicks: Once the space has been clicked X times, then the space will be hidden.
  • Show X times: After showing the space X times, it will be hidden.
  • Hide after X seconds: After X seconds of publishing the space, it will be hidden.
  • Do not show again after closing: The space won't publish again when the user has closed it.
  • Delivery Date: Date to publish the space.
  • Expiration Date: Date to unpublish the space.

visibility configuration

Finally you can finish your campaign pulsing on Save button.