As we explained in the previous section, the integration of data between your CRM and our platform is done through the unique identifier called externalId.

You must upload on this section the externalId of your contacts and all other fields you need for your communications. If you want to personalize your messages (Hello Tom), then you need also upload the Name field.

[email protected],Tom

In the example above, the externalId is an email account. Remember that the externalId is any customer´s identifier from your CRM database to identify each user. This identifier must be unique using for example a phone number, email or passport number.

Customer Journey

When you use the Mobile Wallet inside Customer Journey then this unique concept is called customerId. For example you can use the same unique identifier used as a externalId but you need call it: customerId. This applies if you want to upload a .CSV file from the console or your IT colleagues communicate with indigitall through API to send the data.

[email protected],Name, Tom

  • customerId: A unique identifier for each user
  • fieldName: The field that you need to add on the customer field area
  • fieldValue: The corresponding value for each customer field


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