Encrypted Push



indigitall has created a system of encrypted push notifications for data sensitive and economic transactions through a fast and customizable integration. It is an infallible system against hackers and, especially suitable for the development of financial activities, e-commerce, marketplaces and other sectors.

  • Safer than SMS service
  • Cheaper than SMS service
  • Acceptance Rate: + 20%

The encrypted push notifications serve to confirm the customer’s online purchases responding to the requirement of the European directive PSD2 for the implementation of the two-factor authentication process (Strong Customer Authentication: SCA).

  1. The customer receives the notification with an OTP code immediately and securely
  2. Thus verifying that the user is in possession of the trusted device, the only one capable of receiving these OTP codes.
  3. Afterwards, it is only necessary to confirm the identity among several options:
  • Something you know (password)
  • Something that is (fingerprint)
  • Something that is (face)

Our encrypted push system is developed and customized for each company being managed completely by the indigitall Team with the maximum guarantees and security measures. If you are interested, please let us know. Discover our e-book here!