Gen AI Chatbot

The generative AI chatbot is developed using Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to mimic human dialogue and lead relevant conversations in a personalized and controlled context.

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indigitall develops ad hoc Gen AI chatbots for each client following their needs and the specific business environment.


indigitall offers a own space for each client to test the chatbot before integrating on their channels.

First, go to Click on the PROD button in the dark blue file below.

prod screen

Then select the CUSTOM environment.

custom screen

Secondly, you must choose the correct platform for your chatbot: AM1 or EU2.

  • AM1: For all customers located in the USA and Latin America.
  • EU2: For European customers and customers from other markets worldwide.
environment screen

Then introduce your email and password and click on the green button at the right to continue. You can reset your password if any time you have forgotten it.

login screen

Before entering, you need to write the code that will arrive in your email account. When you write the code in the corresponding space, please click on the ok button. In this way, indigitall reinforces the security of the system by verifying all the devices that give access to our platform with the double authentication method (2FA).

code screen

Third, choose your project clicking on it: "xxxx PROD"

project screen

A new window appears. Please click on the indigitall logo displayed at the bottom right corner of the screen.

icon screen

Immediately a chat window appears and you can write in the space below your questions and check how the chatbot answers them.

chatbot screen