Journey Management



  • Clone journey (POST) | Check journey (GET) | Delete journey (DELETE)
  • Get all customer journeys from one application (GET)

Manage Journeys

You can Edit, Clone and Remove clicking on the correct icon for each Journey. It is an easy way to update all journeys.


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You don't have to be a genius but keep journeys tidy. Every journey should have a suitable name and you must remove what you don´t need. You will save time!

Validate - Activate

On the top area, you have two green bottons:

  • Validate: The Validate button is created to help you about the creation process. If when you click, a pop-up windon opens to say that it is not possible to validate then something is wrong. Please check all steps to see if any field is empty or wrong.

  • Activate: When your journey is ready and after validating, click on Activate button to start. Now the journey is working.



Once the journey is activated, you can´t edit it. If you need any change, you will clone it and edit with the new needs the new created journey. Remember you need Validate and Activate it to start.


You can deactivate a journey anytime to finish its activity. When you need it again, you can activate it and the journey will work again.