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To find the reports of all email campaigns, you must go to the menu Statistics>Email.

email statistics

At the top area, in the left, you find the spaces to choose the time interval you need to search.

On the righ area you can choose what parameters (Sent / Opened / Clicked / Failed) you wish see on the graphic. If you click on All, you will see all parameters. If you unclick All, then you can click on the parameter you need, one or more.


Below, in the graphic you can choose any day to see the figures for this day. At the top left area, you can see the total figures for the chosen time interval.

  • Sent: Total number of recipients to receive the email.
  • Opened: Number of recipients that opened the campaign any number of times.
  • Clicked: Number of recipients who clicked any link or button.


The statistics are updated on an hourly basis. You can see the new results every hour.

visual graphic

Download .CSV reports

In addition, you can download a .CSV file with statistics by date, by emails and by campaign. In these files, you can see the full information in detail (how many times an user opened the email, how many times clicked on a specific button...).

download button

Reports for each campaign


Also you can see a list the all emails sent with their date of delivery, campaign name, number of sent, clicked, opened and failed and moreover the CTR (Click Through Rate).