WhatsApp Templates

In this section, you will learn how to create WhatsApp templates that will later be validated by META. indigitall is a Meta Business Partner so the process is easy for all our clients.

Creating templates

  • Go to the principal menu at the left area: Tools/Chat/WhatsApp templates.
  • Click on the green button at the right area: New Template.
  • A pop-up appears to complete these fields:
  • Name: Choose the name for your template. It is good to write a descriptive title to identify it later.
  • Category: Meta has developed several categories. Only you need to choose the most appropriate for your message.
  • Language: Choose the language of your text.

Now we explain the following fields of the content. The maximum file upload size is 64 MB, which means this limit also applies to any image, document, or video you send with a message.

  • Header: You can choose these options:

Text: 60 characters maximum.

Image: With .jpeg or .png format. Meta doesn't support images with transparent backgrounds.

Document: With .pdf format.

Location: Location headers can only be used in templates categorized as Utility or Marketing. Real-time locations are not supported.

Video: mp4, 3gpp. Only H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec is supported.
Meta supports videos with single audio stream or no audio stream.

  • Body: Text-only component and it is required by all templates. It supports multiple variables with a maximum of 1024 characters.
    The variables for the text are written in this way: {{1}}, {{2}}, {{3}}... Learn how to add variables into text for massive sending and .CSV sending.
  • Footer: It is an optional field that appears immediately after the body component. A maximum of 60 characters.
  • Buttons: You can add buttons and the following actions. Templates can have up to 2 Call-to-Action buttons (phone number buttons, URL buttons, or a mix of the two) or 3 quick reply buttons. Call-to-Action buttons cannot be mixed with Quick Reply buttons.
    The button label text has 25 characters maximum.

Quick Reply: Text-only buttons that immediately message you with the specified text string when tapped by the app user. A common use case-case is a button that allows your customer to easily opt-out of any marketing messages.

Phone Call: Phone button numbers call the specified business phone number when tapped by the app user. Business phone numbers have 20 characters maximum.

URL: URL buttons load the specified URL in the device's default web browser when tapped by the app user. The URL of the website supports 1 variable and has 2000 characters maximum.