The segments or interest groups are used to group and classify your users. When you send a campaign you can choose to only impact users subscribed to a certain group.

You can manage your groups from the indigitall console, selecting Audiences / SMS / Segments in the left menu. In this screen you can create, edit and delete the groups of any of your projects. Watch this video to see the simple steps.

When you select to create a new group, a form will open to write the name field.

SMS segment

It is possible to upload a .CSV file with the contacts for each group if you click on the three vertical points icon. You can subscribe and unsubscribe contacts. Th .CSV file needs two fields: contryCode and phone.

subscribe contacts


Once you have created the segment, you can use it for the SMS campaign as we explain in the filter section. You can select the segments or topics previously you have created in the following areas. Also it is possible to add a .CSV file with the contacts of the campaign (remember to write the 2 fields: countryCode, phone).