inbox is a permanent and direct access to all communications: improve the user experience and increase its impact.


Thanks to the permanent access to any communication sent, increasing the chance of click at the best time. Likewise, the improvement of results allows the reduction of the sending of reminder pushes.

The notification repository allows direct access and maximum control of the notifications received, generating a feeling of maximum security and trust.

The inbox offers an improvement in the user experience achieving an increase in satisfaction and loyalty to the brand, based on transparency and customization of content.

Use Cases

  • Digital Tickets or QR Codes: The user has their tickets or QR codes in the inbox so that they are fully accessible at any time.
  • Message History: Greater control of the warnings offering maximum security and guarantee: last account movements, alarms, last purchases...
  • Process monitoring: Updated information on processes, such as online purchases, with all relevant data.
  • Incidents: Communication and data collection to provide the user with all the information and transparency, as well as to give an agile response in the follow-up of possible claims.
  • Promotions or Discounts: To allow a permanent access and reminder of promotions for frequent use achieving a greater impact.