Configure your Email



First you need to write the Campaign Name and the Subject of the email.

  • Campaign Name: Choose a useful name for your reports. The audience won´t see this name so it is only for you.
  • Subject: Write a great subject for your audience. Later you can finish this important task.
  • Customer Journey option: If you select this option, this email campaign will be used in the design of a Customer Journey and its delivery will be disabled from this section.


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We know you are a star but remember that in each screen you can return back to make changes. Just in case!

Secondly, you need to select the email sender, category and footer that you have created previously from the Configuration (email sender) and from the Tools/Email (category and footer). Please go to the Integration article to learn how to create the email senders and below you have the explanation for categories and footers.


Choose the category for your email on Tools > Email/Categories. Then you can filter all your campaigns by category and it is very useful for analytics. The user won´t see this category.


On this area you can create the footer for your emails. Only you need to put a name and copy your html code on the space for it.