WhatsApp Messages

Sending proactive messages by WhatsApp is very easy within the indigitall console.


indigitall is WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

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First go to the menu on the left: Campaigns/WhatsApp template

campaign menu

Then you see the principal screen, on the right area you can choose 3 tabs:

  • Massive Sending: To send your WhatsApp messages for all subscribed users or target groups (devices subscribed or not subscribed to specific topics). Previously the users have given their consent to receive WhatsApp messages.
  • .CSV Sending: To send your WhatsApp messages for specific target audience from a .CSV file.
  • Single: It works the same as massive sending. The sending is only for one user and you need to write the user's phone (with country code +).
template types

Massive Sending

In the right-hand screen area you need to fill these fields:

  • Sending date: On a calendar, you choose the day and the hour. Be careful to choose AM or PM for the correct hour.
  • Expiration date: Number of days when the message can be sent due to failure in delivery (E.g. device without an internet connection).
  • Devices subscribed to: Choose the topic or group to send the message for subscribers.
  • Devices not subscribed to: The message is sent to devices not subscribed to the selected topic or group.

In the left area, there are the following fields:

  • Namespace: This value is given by Meta.
  • TemplateID: Choose the message to send that previously you have created in this section Tools/Chat/WhatsApp templates. You can add dynamic variables. (Please see full explanation to create a template here).
WhatsApp Template
  • Language options: The language of the templateID (E.g. en_US (English - USA), pt_BR (Portuguese), es (Spanish). You can see here the supported languages.
  • Header: To fill the fields Multimedia ID _and _External Multimedia ID. When a message with media is received, the WhatsApp Business API client will download the media. Once the media is downloaded, a notification is sent to your Webhook. This message contains information that identifies the media object and enables you to find and download the object.
  • Body: The body is the text of the template. The body has the option to write variables.
body template

You need to write the value of the variable field {{1}}, then this value appears on the text.

varible template
  • Footer: It is an optional field. You have done it on the template (Tools/WhatsApp/WhatsApp template)

.CSV Sending

This option is to send the messages for specific users. You need to upload a .CSV file with the recipients and variables. First, choosing the template to see the text and its variables:

For example, we have this template for cinema tickets: Your ticket for {{1}} Time - {{2}} Venue - {{3}} Seats - {{4}}.
We need these variables: the film name, the time, the venue and the number of tickets.
For the .CSV file, we write the name for the recipient (code country and mobile phone) and the name for each variable: userphone,film,time,venue,number. Please, download this example. In the first line, you write the name of each variable and then you need to write the data for each recipient in the following lines as you see in the example.

As you see in the image, we have uploaded the .CSV file and then we choose each variable. For example, for destination (the recipient), we choose the variable userphone (with the mobile numbers for each recipient).


And then, you complete the variables of the header (if the message has a multimedia element, it is necessary to write the both identifiers) and the body:



You need to select the date and time (remember to select the AM or PM time) and then to write the user's phone with this format: +countrycodephonenumber.

The other fields are identical to massive sending.

Single Template