Creating a SMS



Go to Campaigns/SMS.

Creating SMS

On the screen, you can pulse the green button to create a new sms campaign at the top right area. Moreover you can see all your campaigns and manage them with 3 simple icons: pencil icon to Edit, duplicate page icon to Clone and bin icon to Remove.

New SMS button

The SMS has two important areas: Campaign and Filters.

First you need to put a campaign name (it is not visible for users).


On the Campaign tab you need two important fields to fill:

  • Sender Name: A maximum of 11 characters to indicate who is sending the sms.
  • Message: The text with a maximum of 160 characters for a single message (with some exceptions due to Unicode characters changing the maximum length up to 70 characters). When you send more than 1 message for the same campaign, there is a maximum of 153 characters for each message. (E.g.: If you want to send a campaign within 3 messages, you have 153 characters for 1 message + 153 for 2 message + 153 for 3 message; a total maximum of 459 characters).

Maximum characters

Each character (Latin alphabets) consuming 1 character for the maximum message length of 160 characters for a single message
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ? ¡ ¿ ! " # ¤ % & ( ) ' * + , - . / Ä Ö Ñ Ü § ä ö ñ ü à @ £ $ ¥ è é ù ì ò Ç Ø ø Å å Δ _ Φ Γ Λ Ω Π Ψ Σ Θ Ξ Æ æ ß É
Each character consuming 2 characters for the maximum message length of 160 characters for a single message
€ ^ { } [ ] ~ |

IMPORTANT - Unicode characters: If you use Unicode characters like emojis or some letters (for example, the "ú" for the name Jesús), then the message length becomes up to 70 characters. Please check the above mentioned characters to keep a maximum length up to160 characters for a single message (if you need to use more messages, then the maximum length is up to 153 characters for each message). This applies in the same term for characters contained in the variables.



If you use any variable for the text, you must to specify {{variable name}}, the variable name between double curly brackets. For example: Hi {{name}}! Book the flight by tomorrow and enjoy a 15% discount. Don´t miss out!

When you upload a .CSV file with your contacts, you must also upload the variables field as this example shows.

Clicking on the {{VARIABLE}} button, you can choose to write a variable, URL or Url to unsubscribe. Choosing the variable option, only need to write the name of your variable/field (without double curly brackets). Remember that the variable name must be identical to the field name of your database.

When you use variables, we can't calculate the final length of the message because it depends on each variable and its characters. Please, remember the particular maximum length of messages using Unicode characters.

SMS variables


SMS needs a call to action so it is important to add a link. For this, you need to choose the URL option. Automatically, after clicking the Add button, the link will be shortened to avoid wasting characters and allowing only 14 characters. The https:// protocol in the website address will be removed. On the left area, you can see the preview of the message.


Url to unsubscribe

You can easily add a link to unsubscribe if you want to offer this option. Only it is necessary to choose the Url to unsubscribe option and click on the Add button. This option requires 14 characters.

URL to unsubscribe

Then you will see on the message the text {{url:unsubscribe}}. If you see the preview, you will see a shortened link that we have prepared for this. When a user clicks on this link to unsubscribe, from this moment the user can´t receive any SMS from you.

SMS preview screen


You can select the audience by topics and uploading a .CSV file with the phone numbers.

  • Topics: It is possible to select the devices subscribed to and the devices not subscribed to
  • Contact List: Uploading a .CSV file with the countryCode and phone fields (see example) and the necessary fields to use variables (columns at the right). Please go to this page to understand the data synchonization.

countryCode, phone, name
44, 07258963, Sam
34, 660852369, Marta

The .CSV file is set to use commas as semicolons:

countryCode; phone; name
44; 07258963; Sam
34; 660852369; Marta


Delivery Methods

There are several options to send the message. In this area, you can choose the best way for your campaign:

  • Immediate: Sending the message immediately.
  • Scheduled: Choose day and time to send the message.
  • Journey: The campaign will be used later for a customer journey.

Moreover, indigitall gives you the option to display your sms directly on the screen, without opening the SMS application. Only it is necessary to enable the field Flash SMS.