Define your Audience



Define the audience of your campaign. You can limit it by adding a .CSV file or you can send it to all your contacts. Define the sender's email and select some recipients by hand.

Mandatory field

The email account is a mandatory field so you can use it as a customer identifier. You can upload a .CSV with the email field (see example).

If you want to use variables, remember that you also need to upload these fields. For example, to write "Hi [[var:name]]! We have discounts in our [[var:city]]store, are you going to miss them?". The result is "Hi Tom! We have discounts in our Madrid store, are you going to miss them?".

For example, using these fields:

email, name, city
[email protected], Paul, Madrid
[email protected], Mary, London

You can also use your own identifiers (for example, user ID) to create the list in .CSV format. In this case, you must upload the .CSV file with the externalCode field as header (first line) and your identifiers in each of the other lines.

externalCode, name, city
[email protected], Paul, Madrid
[email protected], Mary, London

  • CC: Recipients are visible to each other and see the full list of contacts.

  • BCC: Recipients that are added in the BCC field get a copy of the email but other recipients don’t see their name in the recipient’s list.

Contact Lists

Contact list for massive mailings by email. On the menu Audience > Email/Contact Lists you can create lists to send your campaigns.

Only you pulse on the New button and write the name for the list and its type, choosing between Email and External Code. Both fields are necessary when you create the new contacts as you can see below.

Once the list is created, then you can add the emails and external codes writing on the field or uploading a .CSV file as the image below shows:


Pulse on New button to create the contacts. You need to fill these fields:

  • Email
  • External Code (this must be a unique identifier for each contact)
  • Cancel Subscription: Choose false. When a user is unsubscribed, it appears as true.

Delivery Type

It is possible to send the email immediately or schedule it for a specific time period.


You can also attach documents or images with your emails. Click on the Upload Attachment button to choose your file.

Finish & Send

The last step is sending the email. Yeah, click on Post button.

Customer Journey

If you will use this template for Customer Journey solution then this last step is different because you don't need to select the audience and delivery type. You will choose your audience directly on Customer Journey.

In this case, only it is necessary to upload the attachment as an option and click on Save Content button.