About Email

The email is a decisive channel of the Customer Journey and it´s essential for its accessibility and immediacy (mobile devices) within the omnichannel strategy.



Real-time data updating

indigitall updates the data in real time so there is a full integration with your CRM to take into account a complete digital user behavior analysis. Discover here our data synchronization.

Real-Time data

The 7 benefits of the email

1. Send messages through a very popular, accessible and immediate channel (mobile devices) quickly, easily and intuitively.
2. Detecting the users most prone to email to the detriment of other channels.
3. Send messages immediately or scheduled to users taking into account their behaviors and all their interactions with the brand through all channels.
4. Real-time data update and fully integrated with your CRM platform.
5. Create customized content for each user taking into account their behavior, interests and profile.
6. Dynamic and interactive content to make your messages attractive and more effective. Make an impact!
7. Optimize the relevance of the message for each segment through the creation of different emails to test its efficiency.