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Single & Multi Product Messages are interactive communications to increase sales through WhatsApp. Watch our video to discover how to sell successfully via WhatsApp.

Innovating the shopping process

It is simpler, faster and more convenient. The user purchases in 3 simple steps:

1. View Products

The company replies to a user or sends a proactive message with the list of products or only a product to the user’s WhatsApp.

2. Click & Buy

The user receives a customized offer according to their profile and behavior:
select, click and buy. Easy and simple!

3. Checkout

The user sends the cart to the App or Web of the company to finish the purchase. It only remains to choose the payment method and make it.

3 steps

Sales growth

Single & Multi-Product Messages for WhatsApp allow you to make visible and focus the user’s attention on:

  • A list of products: Multi-Product Message.
  • A Single Product Message.

Both solutions offer a outstanding user experience:

  • The simplest and fastest shopping method.
  • Proactive message based on the user’s profile and behavior.
  • Immediate response to an user interaction.
  • Permanent availability in a friendly and safe environment.
  • Accessible from mobile and web app for desktop.
  • Customer Journey: Option of adding it into an omnichannel strategy to drive quick and immediate purchases.

Use Cases

  1. Recommendations: Recommending a list of products according to the user’s profile and preferences.
  2. Responses: Answering a customer’s question about a product or category.
  3. Interesting Facts: Sending a message with products related to user navigation, registered events or search functionality.
  4. Frequent Purchases: Repeating the favorite purchase** of a product or product listing.
  5. Flash Offers: Taking advantage of inventory information (stock, expiration,
    etc.) to boost the sale of specific products.

flash offers