Create and automate meaningful conversations for customer service, sales and marketing teams through web, app, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Bot, what can you do?

  • It connects with the CRM or ERP to provide information in real time. For example:
    appointment reservation, actual pending stock check, sending the catalogue of your products.
  • Reduction of waiting times and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Available 24/7.
  • The bot can respond with images, audios, videos.
  • Create a multiple language bot. The bot has written natural language recognition.
  • You can send proactive messages: Using Facebook Authorized Templates.

Use Cases

  • Improve your customer service: Get an agent to jump into a conversation in real time whenever necessary.
  • Automate the most repetitive task: Through a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Reducing the pressure on your customer service team.
  • Set up your campaigns in seconds: Managing customer databases in a fast and secure way.
  • Determine and identify your KPI’s: Connect all the data of the conversation to all messenger data (phone numbers, names, chats, etc.) in your existing profiles in your CRM and Contact Centre solutions.