Best Practices

The indigitall platform offers you the right tools to create and send the best e-mail:

  • Audience selection: Through filters or user behavior or by directly uploading a file. SCV with the database.
  • Shipping method: Immediate or scheduled taking into account dates and time intervals so the user receives the communication at the right time.
  • Custom texts: Create more direct and friendly texts with the use of variables associated with the database.
  • Dynamic and interactive content: The option to insert html code allows the creation of rich content without limit.
  • Simple use: Creation of e-mails in 3 simple steps with a flexible and attractive design with simulations of vision for desktop and mobile.
  • Measurable results: The e-mail allows very complete reports taking into account the open rate and number of clicks allowing filtering by total results for each campaign or by certain characteristics of the profile.
  • Minimum cost: Sending e-mails over the internet is free.

7 Recommendations from indigitall

  • Brief: Write your message concisely and clearly with language appropriate to your audience. Use personalization variables to communicate directly.
  • Visual: Attractive design with use of multimedia elements to capture attention.
  • Single message: Focus the communication attention with one main idea. Don't confuse the recipient with scattered content.
  • Call to action: Messages must move to user action by clicking a button. It should be an interactive message for the user to decide.
  • Mobile vision: Attends to the design for both, desktop monitor and mobile screen. Keep in midnd that more and more pople read their emails from their smartphones.
  • Don't abuse sending emails: Your customers are fed up with spam. Provide value and relevant information in all your communications.
  • GDPR: Complies with the GDPR standard for emails addressed to users residing in the EU. Remember that you must prove that the user's consent has been obtained freely and explicitly (without pre-marked fields).