From this page you can customize your WhatApp Chat and Web Push services. You can continue to develop your web push campaigns from indigitall console but WhatsApp Chat is only configurable from the iurny plugin.

Also you can disconnect your account on the link at the right. Then the next time, you need to login into your account again.

Click on the WhatsApp Chat tab to set up your preferences:

Step 1. General Settings

As you have written your phone number on the previous step, it will appear on this space but you can edit at any time.

In the space for the initial message you can write a short sentence to help the users to start the conversation. For example: Hello, I have a question.

Step 2. Icon Settings

In this area, you can customize the position (right or left), color, speech bubble option and button delay.

  • Position: We recommend the right area as usual in most of the websites.
  • Icon color: You can choose the brand color of your website. It is very easy! Only need to click on the color bar to select the color and see how it works at the right preview screen. If you know its parameters you can use the arrow icon to select them by RGB (red, green, blue), HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) and HEX code.

  • Icon image: You can choose between 4 images and the option to upload your own image (for this case, we have the transparente background option).
  • Button delay: Choose the seconds to appear the WhatsApp icon on your website. If you write 0, the button will appear immediately after opening your website.
  • Chat Bubble: With two options: Visible (the speech bubble appears on the screen) and Activate on hover (the speech bubble appears when the user´s mouse is over the chat area).
  • Text Bubble: You can write an optional message.

Step 3. Chat Settings

In the below area, you can finish the configuration of your WhatsApp Chat service.

  • Header: Write your message
  • Text Chat: Write the message for inside the bubble
  • Chat color: Choose the color (as seen on previous step)
  • Button Text: Write any message like "Open Chat"
  • Button Icon: Choose the image for your chat and check how it works on the preview screen.
  • Chat delay: After the icon is displayed, choose the seconds after the chat window appears. If you ywrite -1, the window chat will be opened only when the user clicks on the whatsapp icon.

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