To retarget and re-impact users who are interested, you have to do it through personalized events as a campaign delivery method. In this way, the push notification will be sent when the event that you have previously configured is triggered. To use this functionality, go to the delivery method tab:

Delivery Methods

Once you are in Delivery Methods, you can select the retargeting option

Fill in the form where the "Event Code" is a required field. This code has to be the same that is sent from the application / web and optionally you can set the range of dates in which the campaign will be active and the range of hours during the day in which the custom event can be activated.

Set the event name and callback with the server response, confirming if it was saved successfully or not. Example code:

This method allows you to add an event to any action that you want to assign in your code and in which the client performs this action.

When you are done, click on "Save and Enable"