indigitall SDK for inApp clicking here.

Integrate the InApp SDK on your site

Set up our SDK for web applications with JS. To integrate our inapp tool on your page you need:

  • an indigitall account


The appKey value is unique and personal. You can get it by accessing your account > settings > value of App Key

<script src="/en/inapp.min.js"></script>
<div id="divView" style="width:1250px; height:285px;"></div>
    appKey: "YOUR APP_KEY",
    urlInAppApi: 'YOUR_DOMAIN',
    requestLocation: true,
    inAppCode: "YOUR_INAPP_CODE",
    viewId: viewId,

Download .zip and extract the file to upload it to the main folder of your website.

If you want to integrate the In-App messages in your application, you can do it with several complementary formats:

* Banner. Static content that is always visible, but allows the user to continue using the application.
* Popup. Full screen content that forces the user to click or discard the information.

The InApp model would be the following:

inApp = {
    inAppId: int,
    lastVersionId: int,
    showOnce: boolean,
    customData: {},
    creationDate: "string",
    expiredDate: "string",
    properties: {
        action: {
            actionId: int,
            url: "string",
            type: "string"
        contentUrl: "string",
        showTime: int,
        numberOfShows: int,
        numberOfClicks: int,
        dismissForever: boolean,
        layout: {
            borderRadius: int,
    contentUrl: "string",
    renewalTime: "string",
    schema: {
        code: "string",
        width: int,
        height: int
    cacheTtl: "string",
    version: int

Each in-app message type is customizable across content, images, icons, click actions, analytics, display, and delivery.

The user can choose these layout types: Vertical, Row, Image and HTML.