If you want to integrate the In-App messages in your application, you can do it with several complementary formats:

  • Banner. Static content that is always visible, but allows the user to continue using the application.
  • Popup. Full screen content that forces the user to click or discard the information.

The InApp model would be the following:

inApp = {
  inAppId: int,
  lastVersionId: int,
  showOnce: boolean,
  properties: {
      action: {
          url: "string",
          type: "string"
  contentUrl: "string",
  renewalTime: "string",
  schema: {
      code: "string",
        width: int,
        height: int

Each in-app message type is customizable across content, images, icons, click actions, analytics, display, and delivery.

The user can choose these layout types: Vertical, Row, Image and HTML.