InApp Message Templates

In the event that you want to show the InApp scheme in a different way to how our SDK paints it, we put at your disposal some methods so that you can customize the "painting", without affecting the statistics or the InApp functionalities.

InApp object pickup

Thanks to the InApp functionalities, it is possible to indicate that the inApp is displayed or pressed a maximum number of times, or if in the case of the popUp, after performing an action , such as pressing the close button, is not shown again.

    new InAppModel({ inAppId: 'YOUR_INAPP_CODE' }),
    (inApp) => {
    (error) => {

Actions to count clicks or to not show InApp anymore

For the case of what we call Dismiss Forever, once the action is performed, this method must be called:


In the event that you want to show an inApp only if you make 'x' clicks or clicks on it, you must add the following: