You can see the reports in the Statistics menu. Go to Statistics/Chat

Then select the time interval to see the data. On the right area, you can select the delivery method though a chatbot (Dialogflow) or an agent, and the different channels. If you pulse on All, all methohs and channels will be selected.

Choose the delivery method thought a chatbot (Dialogflow) or Agent

Choose the different channels: WhatsApp, Chat Web & App Chat, Facebook Messenger.

You can see the following data:

  • Total messages received this period
  • Minute of message peak in UTC format
  • WhatsApp Reactive windows
  • WhatsApp Proactive windows

If you pulse on the blue icon at the right area, you can download all statics in .CSV format:

In the area below, the system displays data on a bar chart so you can get a quick look at your data.